About The Kalamazoo Airgun Show and Daisy Get Together

The Kalamazoo Airgun Show and Daisy Get Together is a wonderful gathering of friends, information, and good times held annually in August.

This show welcomes all makes and models of airguns from antique to modern, big bore airguns to BB guns. The Kalamazoo Airgun Show promotes the collecting and shooting of airguns, toy guns, cap guns, and BB guns.

History of The Show

The Kalamazoo Airgun Show had its start back in 1993 when Bob Surface, a Daisy bb gun collector, invited a few other collectors to his home in Swartz Creek Michigan for a picnic. They all brought along some guns to show and some to sell. The day was enjoyed by everyone so much that the next year a tent was set up in the Surface back yard and about 30 people showed up.

In 1995 Bob moved the gathering to the Masonic Hall in Swartz Creek and named the show “The Daisy Get Together.” Bob Surface and his wife Helen hosted the show in Swartz Creek until 2002 when health problems forced them to give up the show.

In 2003 Wes & Theresa Powers and Bill & Shari Duimstra hosted the show and moved to a larger building in Mason Michigan. Tables were packed in the hall and tables were even set up on the porch for a total of 92 tables.  Although the name was still “The Daisy Get Together” all types of airguns and toy guns tended to show up.

Every year the show was a sell out and in 2010 the show moved again to a much larger hall. The new home was the Kalamazoo County Expo Center in Kalamazoo Michigan. The Expo Center holds 106 tables with plenty of space, wide aisles and great lighting.

In 2013 the Powers became the sole host of the show and the name changed to “The Kalamazoo Airgun Show” to better describe how the show has evolved from just a bb gun show to an all airgun show that welcomes all types of airguns from bb guns to big bore, antique to modern. A local airgun club hosts an airgun shoot every year on the day before the show making for a full weekend of air gunning. We have shooters that come for the shoot and stay for the show.

In August collectors and airgun enthusiast from all over the country will meet in Kalamazoo at the Airgun Show.  Over half the show tables are reserved already. We hope to see you there. For a show flyer or more information please contact us.

Event Location:

Kalamazoo County Expo Center
2900 Lake St.
Kalamazoo, MI 49048


+1 (937) 660-9152