The New Kalamazoo Airgun Show Website

Officially, this is the first post to the blog of the Kalamazoo Airgun Show website. We’ll briefly (this will be short) kick things off by going over some things we would like to do with the new website, and our wish list. Many of you are getting ready for the August 28th, 2016 show right now! At the same time this website is being updated. Feature #1 is news and updates! We’d “like” to be able to keep a running log of announcements and changes throughout the year. We may even do another post to this blog about the events and happenings of the 2016 show.

While paper registration will certainly continue, it is possible to do registrations online now, including payments. I’m not sure if this will be implemented before the 2017 show, but it’s certainly on the radar.

Community is another feature on the “what if” list. Maybe a forum? It could be that having a blog like this is plenty good enough for discussions about not only the show, but airguns in general. Again, nothing is set in stone. We’re still in the draft phase here.

Quicker access to third party information is always a plus. You’ll notice we’ve already taken advantage of useful tools such as Google Maps. Clicking on the “Directions From Your Address” button on the Maps & Directions page will take you to Google Maps with the location of the show already displayed on the map. If you’re on a smartphone you can just click “navigate” to activate GPS.

There’s not really a whole lot more that can be said at the moment since the website is so new, but your thoughts and ideas are welcomed if you’d like to post them in the comments below.





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