I recruited the family to help me prepare the flyers for mailing

The whole family pitched in to help prepare the flyers for the show. My daughter Haley who was behind the camera, posted this on my Facebook page. Check it out https://www.facebook.com/BakerAirguns/

We are really excited about this year’s Kalamazoo Airgun Show. This is the 25th year anniversary and we hope to have the best crowd ever. In addition to our traditional Daisy collectors we are seeing more and more modern airguns as interest in competitive shooting and hunting with airguns grows.

The Southern Michigan Airgun Club will be there.On October 7-9, 2016  they hosted the American Airgun Field Target Association National Competition. Check out their video at  www.https://www.youtube.com.

Many of the top collectors, airgun enthusiasts and dealers will be at the show. So if you are interested in collecting, competitive shooting or just looking for a deal. Mark your calendar for August 2oth and come on by.



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